7 Interior Design Styles

Wanting a fresh look but not sure where to start?

There are so many different interior design styles out there to consider, so to keep things simple, here are a few of our favourite styles, that we think have true staying power and with just a few simple changes you can do to instantly make over any room.


Mid-Century Modern

Breaking-free from the traditional and propelling into the modern era, Mid-Century modern really came to life in the 50's & 60's,
Producing some of the most iconic and highly versatile pieces in modern design, this mid-1900's style makes a statement that's big on character, contour and colour.
With emphasis on natural shapes, simple, textured fabrics and plenty of wood and rusty metals. “Fussy-free” was the main theme for the design. Characterised by clean, simple lines creating elements of minimalism alongside pops of colour.
For an instant impact, furniture and accessories from the 50's and 60's are an obvious go to, or create retro nostalgia of your own with a beautiful stand-out chair, made just for you.
Mixing and matching remakes with originals, keeps your living room looking fresh and authentic.
With definite staying power, as It easily complements any interior, mid-century modern is a design style we suggest you give a go.

French Country

An interior style that transports your imagination straight to the French countryside. Romantic and calming with soft and warm earthy tones and natural materials like distressed wooden furnishings and stone or brick. Characterized by heavy linen upholstery in mostly white or beige base colours with rustic golden touches.
To add a true French country feel, use easy graceful prints, voile fabrics and eye-catching lighting, alongside collections of ornate porcelain dishes and dried lavender bunches beautifully arranged in vases. Tapestries can also be included to complement a space. Creating an aura of elegance and comfort.


Borrowing ideas from a range of different periods, The Eclectic style throws out the rule book and is best described as diverse and playful, giving you freedom to explore and be creative.
Have fun injecting your personality into your decor to create something unique and fresh.
Still, this can eaily be overdone, so it doesn't really mean just throwing everything you like into a space and that's it, it's important to maintain a sense of balance by paying attention to how pieces relate to each other.
Eclectic design is all about consistency, you can ensure the room flows by using a contrasting blend of colour, texture and pattern both old and new that have some things in common to create a cohesive style.
You can also tie different aspects of the room together with paint and fabrics keeping focal points in mind so you don't have everything trying to fight for attention.


Coastal interiors are all about a naturally bright and airy environment. Working vibrant neutrals and natural materials together to create a space you can truly relax in, just like when you are on a beach holiday.
Using a simple, modern approach, reflect natural light by putting a mirror opposite a window, framed by breezy white curtains and a comfortable chair, for the perfect reading nook.
White painted floors are a great choice as they make any room appear larger and brighter or consider using natural stone, creating the feel of just stepping onto the beach. Pops of beautiful blue and green tones, inspired by the sea add the perfect contrast to linen upholstery, creating a relaxed yet elegant finish.
Simple details such as shells and stones displayed in various ways, such as in glass vases and a jute rug can add an earthy, textured feel. No coastal scheme is complete without a piece of well-placed driftwood. But remember, minimal clutter will help you achieve the right look and feel.

Shabby Chic

Gaining popularity in the mid-80’s and 90’s, the Shabby Chic interior draws quite a lot of inspiration from vintage styles, but they tend to be more feminine, soft and delicate, often with distressed or antique-style furnishings.
The colour palette includes a neutral base such as white, cream or pastels and wood or natural details, this will enable you to fill the space with lively, colourful accessories.
Let your imagination run free with expression - Hang a varied selection of art and bring in sculptural pieces along with a mismatched range of mirrors to add dimension and light. Casually scatter plenty of plants to bring in greenery, and personal items, such as trinkets and keepsakes.
Add texture with layered cushions, print wallpaper and maybe even a bold coloured armchair to cozy up in. Go for sheer curtains to let as much natural light in as possible.
While this decor is often vibrant, remember that it’s a relaxed decor style and should look like everything was just thrown down where it is with an almost accidental harmony. Remembering, it should also be easy on the eyes, so you don’t want every surface to be chock full of stuff.

Art Deco

Popularized in the 1920’s, Art Deco interiors instantly call to mind elegance, glamour and luxury.
Often the Great Gatsby style is drawn to mind with deep, rich tones, especially in the furniture and high shine flooring.
A sofa upholstered in a bold block colour would work perfectly, accessorize the room with statement prints such as geometric, diamond, feather or fan patterns on throw cushions or wallpaper, add opulence with silk blend curtains to frame the windows.
Opt for accents in gold, silver, stainless steel, and chrome. Ornate mirrors are a great feature as they make any room look polished and larger, glass-topped tables and sculptural elements such as a lamp or vase and 20's inspired framed artwork is a great finishing touch.


Adventurous and carefree with accents of Moroccan and tribal designs, this is one of the most endlessly popular interior designs out there.
The word ‘bohemian’ refers to someone who is unconventional and often involved in the arts, representing a freedom that’s unquestionably intoxicating.
Warm and earthy tones make the perfect canvas, and opting for a neutral base allows you to pile up various expressive, vibrant colours, rich patterns and layered textiles, from contrasting rugs to cushions and throws for a purposefully “messy” look and warm ambience, layering is sure to add playful visual impact.
Typically consisting of animal hides, metallic accents, wood and plants, creating a relaxed vibe. Get creative with planters, from a simple woven hanging basket, to something more ornate and sculptural – a variety of different plants in different scales are an effective way in bringing your bohemian style home to life, while adding a pop of color.
Chose a selection of hues you can keep coming back to without interfering too much with the rest of your design and confusing the eye.
This style isn’t about empty surfaces and blank spaces but indulgent maximalism.
Go bold with pieces which stand out and inject personality throughout. Artistic accessories will add further interest for cultured talking points. Jewel tones metallics, lanterns and mirrors also add a glamorous focal points to your room.
Bohemian decor should reveal more on each look, keep your most loved items that you have collected over the years prominently on display.

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