Casamance Autumn/Winter 2019 Collections

This Season Casamance has 12 stunning new fabric and wallpaper collections for Autumn/Winter 2019.

Taking us on a sensory adventure, breathing life back into design & opening our eyes to travel and culture.

We see inspiration from the African 'Palaver tree'  Where traditional stories were told over generations in its shadow. These stories are continued in Terre d'aventure with its variety of earthy tones and textures. 
Throughout the new collections there is an array of velvet's, rich satin jacquard's and magnificently embroidered floral's.  Along side bright pigments from far off lands, catching the eye instantly with light and delicate patterns as well as detailed hats and geometric designs.  Great for a variety of uses including curtains and upholstery.
Kew park is not to be missed, with simple textured detailing and a sparkle inspired by stones from the ends of the earth.  This collection creates the refinement of an English Garden.

A staple that fits into any space are the voile's from Hesperia.  With simple designs, watermarks and natural shades that play with the wind and dim the bright lights shining in.

The wallpapers feature heavily in oriental tones.  Ceylan shows us the heritage of India with animal designs and finely drawn flowers.

This seasons Casamance collections are definitely an exciting tale worth exploring.
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