Casamance Fabrics & Wallpapers


Decor Rooms is pleased to present a growing Casamance collection

Nourished by many inspirations, each design, depth of texture and rich colour is the basis for a journey...

The Casamance brand creates timeless interiors of style, reinventing the classics.
Making its mark in deep and shimmering colors...Designing with the Passion of time, timeless art.
Casamance choose to Dwell on the idea of 'making time for time' - In a world where everything is accelerating, these collections offer Sophisticated simplicity and modern elegance for a setting offering a jewel for these priceless moments, such as Taking the time to leaf through an art book, browse an exhibition, enjoy a dinner or a cocktail with friends, Its collections, fabrics, wallpapers and wall coverings, are illustrated through a variety of colours and textures creating decors and atmospheres that make the world more beautiful, refined and elegant .

The brand awakens, Captures and recovers the substance of these shared moments, and the serenity of these particular atmospheres.
We enjoys the nourished and diverse inspirations stamping these creations with beauty that crosses fashions and ages, illustrated through the variety of patterns, the rhythm of the stripes and the nobility of the materials.
Perfecting the smallest details to create artistic emotions, unique and exceptional and fuelled by the desire to reinvent the classics, with French elegance for a certain type of luxury in all their fabrics and wallpapers.


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