Casamance NEW Collections for 2020

For Spring/Summer this year Casamance have brought out a huge variety of fabrics and wallpapers for us ever aspiring interior stylists.


Uniting man with nature seems to be a huge feature this season, with a lot of natural earthy shades and wild, leafy patterns.



There are Three main collections that stand out in the new ranges.


First let's talk about 'Orpheus'. This luminous wallpaper collection takes us on a journey through the depths of forests and oceans. We are shown the force of nature in the harmony between pattern and grain.

The animal kingdom and plant world is brought to life with in-depth illustrations, metallic flashes and matt inks. Definitely worth exploring!


Ok, so now that our interior design taste buds are tingling, what fabric styles are in store for us?!

With Inspiration from Natural stones and jewels, The 'Flores' collection invites us to truly enjoy nature, from the comfort of our homes!

Diverse embroidery and the occasional iridescent thread in rich shades, from deep blue to bronze. This collection is wild and precious like a rough diamond. So you better have a dig here.



The third highlight of the new ranges is an interesting one.

'Trifle' tells the story of a changing scenery on the walls with the use of matt and viscose textures.

This collection was influenced by a luxurious Parisian garden, full of exotic plants and flowers. Said to have been created as part of a wager by Marie-Antoinette: 'To Design a house & garden in under 100 days & what occurred is described as a magical place. Do you believe in magic?


Let us know what you think of the new Casamance fabric and wallpaper collections and contact us for more info.

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