Jim Dickens Fabrics


A beautiful collection of high quality fabrics. Rich in colour and texture.
Inspired by obscure and exotic designs with classical elements.

Creating a feel of style and luxury with a distinctive quality. Inspired by history, nature and art.  Suitable for all uses.


Decor Rooms want to provide the best, high quality products.

Jim Dickens takes inspiration from the luxury of 15th century Florence.

The decor of gothic churches and french architecture.

The famous ceramics adorning great palaces.

Bold medieval designs from the British Isles.

Traditional English culture and Islamic art.

Drawing on the adventures of famed romantic poets.

And displaying the skill and quality of Europe's finest mills .

Celebrating the endless potential of textiles.

With warm, earthy tones and bold patterns.

The perfect choice for snug and comfortable upholstery.

Bursting with the stunning artistic expressions of nature .

Romantic floral patterns, nestle amongst soft airy taupe tones.

Glamorous shimmering style that adds a simple, vintage feel to any room.

Make a bold impression.

With stunning deep hues that enliven and enrich the home.