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By the 1980s Liberty Art Fabrics were well known for being one of the best for textile design.

Perfect for Soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains and blinds as well as upholstery fabrics for your sofas and chairs.

Liberty Fabrics work great in a modern or traditional homes and can really liven up any area.

Take a look at some of Liberty's beautiful designs below.


Decor Rooms are happy to be able to supply Liberty art fabrics and wallpapers to you.

Liberty Fabrics lend themselves perfectly for Soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains and blinds as well as upholstery fabrics for your sofas and chairs etc by the 1980s Liberty Art Fabrics were well known for being one of the best for textile design At the moment we have a few fabric collections up including the Nesfeild collection, Heritage, Jubilee and The Secret Garden.

We now have a selection of stunning coordinating wallpapers with a range of bold prints, patterns and unique designs in an array of beautiful colours and contrasts to work perfectly with there fabrics, finishing your home or space off with a touch of class.

Arthur Liberty's became involved with the two art movements of the late nineteenth century; the Aesthetic Movement and the Art Nouveau his wish was to influence the public's taste by giving them the opportunity to buy beautiful things. The Heritage Collection celebrates this era with Liberty trademark designs created in 1870 and 1900.

In the late 1880s The clientele Liberty attracted were exotic and included famous members of the Pre-Raphaelite Movement and designers . The Jubilee Collection was inspired by this with Oriental paisleys and sarasatic florals taken from hand painted shawls and orig inspired prints.

Liberty Nesfield Collection was Inspired by British landscape architect William Nesfield, with his imaginative approach to a classic English garden, celebrating botanical beauty with vibrant colour palettes found in some of Nesfield's most famous archive prints alongside more contemporary and illustrative designs.

While the Secret Garden range Reflects Frances Hodgson Burnett's Rich imagination from his novel in 1911 mixed with the beauty of wild nature this collection is textured and colourful bringing back a bygone era.

“Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper.” -Oscar Wilde

At Decor Rooms we love to learn and know about the inspirations and histories of the products we supply, A wide selection of archival prints can be found, for example the 'Garden', first produced in 1965 taking inspiration from florals of the 1920s with their vibrantly coloured oriental style fruits and flowers on dark backgrounds. On a linen and cotton blend fabric with multi purpose use including upholstery.

Here are a few more designs we love and find interesting ...

Ianthe is Greek for purple or violet flowers,this suggest's that the flowers in the design may have originally been drawn from violets. This fabric is timeless and a true reflection of Liberty’s heritage. This beautiful red, green, pink and blue colours works great with this linen and cotton mix Liberty fabric In around 1900 the design was Created by well known French Art Nouveau designer, R. Beauclair and then was redrawn by David Haward's Studio.

Royal Daisy taken from undated art work from the Liberty Archive, offers a contemporary take on a historical design with a hint of a toile de jouy on a cotton velvet fabric this designs beautifully detailed with colour and shades.

The Capello Shell design was inspired by a nursery rhyme. 'Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow, with silver bells and cockle shells and marigolds all in a row.' A heavy cotton linen with a sea shell and cockle shell pattern that evokes symmetry and memories of the sea.

Faria Flowers is Inspired by the quote 'an'th' grass'll be a carpet o'flowers'. A Truly stunning design with a mixture of colours and tones on a velvet texture.

Merton Sunflower was Painted in 1879 this design is a larger Sunflower design a suble floral print with lots of detail in 2 tones.

The stunning Hand-drawn sunflowers of Rose May were scarped out from wax crayon to create large, textural and tonal florals Inspired by the planting of sunflowers each year on May 1st. This cotton blend multi use fabric has a stunning detailed yet subtle design in a statment colour.

An unmistakable Liberty Print derived from the 1960s Arts and Crafts prints is Kate Nouveau with a bit of art deco look. Liberty were at the forefront of the revival of this style of fabric in the 1950s. The linen cotton blend has beautiful detaling and shade of colours.

Hebe Pictures a single line Art Nouveau feather on a linen union multi use fabric and a subtle stunning detailing.

Designed in 1887 Named after the Greek goddess, whose sacred animal was the peacock, Hera has a detailed feather design with stunning colours.

The Princess Sally design Is part of The Heritage Collection and is formed of Japanese fans set amongst a stream originally created in 1905 A typical Liberty Art Nouveau print.

Decor Rooms also supplies designs with beautiful intricate patterns made with a cotton and linen blend decorated with several colours all complimenting each other perfectly such as The Felix Raison based a paisley shawl from the 1850s and re-drawn by the Liberty Art Fabrics Design Studio.

Strawberry Meadow was first produced in 1979. Re-worked in 1883 with birds this fabrics had lots of stunning intricate detail and texture with a linen and cotton blend and multi purpose use in midnight shade.

Field Of Xanthe is hand painted and drawn with pencil and inks, this design has a stylish 50's look. The scattered golden Tansy flowers drawn from the landscape surrounding the Abbey Garden on Tresco in a contrast of silver and grey tones. Great for use on Upholstery, Curtains and Blinds but also looks lovely as scatter cushions with this 100% cotton fabric.

The foliage and flowers in fresco are represented beautifully in this multi coloured design, with an abundance of detail this is a piece of artwork in its own right. This design was painted with inks of flowers from a garden in Saint Solin, France that is left to grow wild for ten months of the year.

Chapman Tapestry is a heavy cotton linen, created based on the Bauhaus Tapestry designed by Gunta Stolz. The Bauhaus was introduced an re-worked by Liberty in 1969.

Shand Voyage was created in the mid-19th Century This print was inspired by a hand-painted shawl. Beautiful detailing of ferns and leaves in vibrant colours with a vintage velvet texture.

The flowers for the Zennor Forest range were sketched by hand and then drawn in pencil onto tracing paper, gradually building up the tree. Made of silk and linen great for curtains and soft furnishings.

Wallace Secret Garden is based on an original Morris print named 'Larkspur'- a design first created in 1872. 100% Linen with a natural garden feel in ivy and moss greens.

Liberty Fabrics and wallpapers work great in a modern or traditional homes and can really liven up any area. Why not take a look at some of Liberty's beautiful Fabric and wall-covering designs for some inspiration at Decor Rooms we look forward to helping you find everything you need.